Don’t Do This: Pramod Sawant Tells Man Who Threw Flowers In River In Goa


Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Tuesday rebuked a man for throwing flowers offered to god in a river from a bridge near Panaji.

The incident took place in the morning in North Goa when Mr Sawant’s convoy was heading towards the state capital from his village Sankhalim in North Goa.

Mr Sawant spotted the man throwing flowers in the river. The chief minister stopped him and disapproved of his act that he said was polluting the river.

“Don’t do this. At least don’t do it again,” Mr Sawant was heard telling the man, who was on a scooter, in a video released by the chief minister on his Twitter account.

“Earlier today, while travelling over Gaundalim bridge, came across a citizen who was disposing nirmalya (floral offering made to God) in the river.

“I requested him to desist from doing so. As responsible citizens, we need to begin disposing waste properly and also educate and guide our fellow citizens to do so,” Mr Sawant tweeted.